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Hello and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Zach Jonas and I have been working on pool tables since 2005. I have worked for a few retail companies, but finally own and run my own business where I can take my time and do the job right. I specialize in commercial tables, but offer the best service for all makes and models of tables from all major manufacturers including pocket tables, billiard tables, antiques, and snooker tables.

I have taken the time to learn advanced techniques for stretching and gluing bed cloth with contact adhesive on the slate. This allows me to stretch the cloth much tighter and get a much more even stretch as opposed to using staples. I can also perform surgery on rails and bring them back to life with all new wood, and calibrate them to play better than they ever did from the factory.

I service home tables as well as commercial pool rooms.
Some of my work can be seen at :

Main Street (Mesa, AZ) www.yelp.com
Skip & Jans (Tempe, AZ) www.skipandjans.com
Stingers Sports Bar (Glendale, AZ) www.stingerssportsbar.com
Jester's Billiards (Mesa, AZ) www.jestersbilliards.com.com
Pockets Pool & Pub (Tucson, AZ) www.pocketstucson.com
Clicks (Tucson, AZ) www.clicks.com
Sun City Grand (Surprise, AZ)
Sunland Village (Mesa, AZ)
Fox & Hound (Albuquerque, NM)

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