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I have taken the time to learn some more advanced skills when it comes to repairing and rebuilding rails. I can take damaged, or stapled out rails, replace the wood and make them look new again. I am also experienced in advanced services including rail recalibration to factory specifications or custom specifications, and rail extensions to tighten your pockets or change how they play. This includes Diamond tables, being able to modify the older models to play like the tables coming off the shelf today. Click here for more info.

Some of my work can be seen at :

Main Street (Mesa, AZ)
Skip & Jans (Tempe, AZ)
Stingers Sports Bar (Glendale, AZ)
Jester's Billiards (Mesa, AZ)
Pockets Pool & Pub (Tucson, AZ)
Clicks (Tucson, AZ)
Sun City Grand (Surprise, AZ)
Sunland Village (Mesa, AZ)
Fox & Hound (Albuquerque, NM)

Please visit my pics page on Picasa here.


--Rail Rebuilding--
A process in which the old subrails are either repaired in order to play correctly again, or the dimensions of the subrails are changed to make the table play correctly. Please click here for more information about this process.


Finished Pocket
The cloth on the rails is cut off and removed from under the feather strips. The new cloth is installed under the feather strips. The remaining cloth is stripped off and the new cloth is stapled from under the rails. The bed cloth is removed, slate seams are checked for flatness and level, and the new cloth is attached.

Minor releveling involves placing shims under the legs to make the table level again. Major releveling involves taking the table apart down to the frame. The frame is leveled to the floor, then the slate is installed and leveled to the frame.

  --Assemble (Set-Up)--
The frame of the table is set in place, and leveled to the floor. The slate is installed and leveled using Starrett machinist levels. The cloth is reattached from a previous installation along with the pockets and rails.

--Dismantle (Tear-Down)--
The table is dismantled by removing the rails and pockets. Then the cloth is removed carefully, and saved. The slate is removed and stored. The frame is then dismantled down as far as needed.

  --New Assemble --
The same as above, but use this option when the table is new out of the box. The frame is built from scratch from out of the box purchased from internet or other.

--Rail Work--
Attaching new cloth to a set of 6 rails, or creases and wrinkles in the cloth are pulled out from previous installation of cloth.

The old hard or worn rubber is removed from the rails. The extra adhesive is removed from the wood, and cleaned. A high strength contact adhesive is then applied to the wood of the rail and new rubber. The ends of the rubber are trimmed and and new facings on the ends are added. Standard cushions are used, but upgraded cushions from Artemis and others are available on special order.

--Tighten/Shim Pockets--
Additional rubber shims are added to rails.
Preformed during a recover or re-rubber only. Wood is added to the sub-rails to tighten the pockets, and then new rubber is applied to the rails. Preformed only during a re-rubber.




--Table refinishing--
Giving that old table a new shine.

--Table Decals--
I can make you a set and install vinyl cut decals to your table. Click here for more info.

--Repairs/Misc. Service Calls--
Anything else.


Additional fees may apply due to mileage, stairs, antique tables, thickness of slate, quality of pool table, etc.

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